T H E   M E R C H A N T S

Astrum Wine Cellars is an Italian focussed fine wine and artisan spirits and liqueurs importer based in London, supplying both the off and on trade across the UK. Wine lovers first and foremost, Astrum works to promote predominantly artisanal, high quality producers while featuring a broad selection of grape varieties from around the world, many of them lesser known.


From a small unit in South London back in 1998, Astrum Wine Cellars is today widely recognised as one of the most quality oriented and innovative suppliers of fine wines and spirits to many of the most renowned hotels and restaurants around the country as well as many highly respected retailers and independent wine merchants.


From the beginning, Astrum have been driven by passion and a firm set of rules. These include never importing anything that they wouldn't be happy to drink themselves and committing themselves to providing a high quality service to all their customers.


Having established itself as one of the most influential Burgundy importers in the UK, Flint Wines has now turned it's attention to Italy.

Adopting the same buying approach of putting quality and authenticity above all else, Flint have put together a burgeoning array of distinctive, vibrant wines that reflect both their varietal and their origin.

A respected national supplier to both the on and off Trade, Flint Wines have a sommelier-heavy team that prides itself on being both approachable and knowledgeable, with a strong understanding of the complexities of the market.

We are very excited to be a founding member of what we believe will quickly become the go to Italian tasting in the UK.


At FortyFive10° we import, wholesale and retail some of Italy’s finest wines, often exclusively within the UK.

We specialise in selecting outstanding Italian wines from family-run producers.  The wines are picked because they demonstrate the true characteristics of a grape - with distinct personality, and a real sense of 'terroir'. We work alongside our producers to support and offer wines that celebrate the complex relationship between the grapes and the soil. We look to support the craftsmen who hand down their expertise from one generation to the next, in order to offer a selection of wines from great vintages and grand estates through to high quality, everyday drinking wines.

FortyFive10° was founded by Italian born Massimiliano Jacobacci, whose passion is to select wines that express the history of a region through traditional winemaking techniques as opposed to the current trend for wines which are immediately accessible, at the expense of complexity and longevity.


The story begins in 1987 when Anton Mosimann asked me - Tim, to be his wine waiter at Mosimann's and I simply said yes.

Over the years I got the opportunity to gain experience in different restaurants such as Bibendum Restaurant - where I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Jukes, or Monte's on Sloane Street - where I spent some time with Alain Ducasse. All added to my passion for food and wine.

In 1998 I opened Che Restaurant & Bar with a great team which was put together by Hani Farsi while I kept fueling my dream to one day own my own business.

After 12 years buying wines for restaurants I thought to myself: “Why not use my knowledge and enthusiasm for wine to bring a selection of special wines to this country?”.

My wife Alison and I spent most of our Summer 1999 in Tuscany where a very knowledgeable and experienced friend introduced us to the producers you can still find in our wine selection.

After this trip, creating Sommelier’s Choice seemed the most natural progression.

Our philosophy for Sommelier’s Choice always was and always will be to “handpick” family-owned wineries producing wines of excellent, consistent quality. Over the years, we have added wines from France and Spain to our portfolio, maintaining the same philosophy. It is a delight for me to provide this service, as I believe wine overcomes all barriers. It is social and interactive. It brings people together. It creates an occasion for everyone to share their ideas, their experiences, their love of wine and hopefully, people always leave with good memories of wines they tasted.

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From setting up shop in Belsize Park in 1997 to more recently expanding into agency/trade, one thing that hasn’t changed is our unerring thirst for sourcing wines that punch above their weight. We are devoted to exploring all corners of the globe for exquisite, unique wines from incredible producers, that excite the palate and the senses. We supply private customers and some of Britain’s finest restaurants and independents.

Our love for Italy and all things Italian has led to many hours trudging the halls of Vinitaly and nail biting tense journeys on windy roads in the never ending pursuit of the next great wine. Along with South Africa - for which we’re probably better known, Italy is a huge passion for us and is the source of some of our most brilliant discoveries.

We are delighted to be part of Il Collettivo.

“A man who has not been in Italy is always conscious of an inferiority” Dr Samuel Johnson